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Jidenna – Classic Man ft. Kendrick Lamar (OxV Official Remix). a free mp3 download sites | Musica Cloud

Jidenna – Classic Man ft. Kendrick Lamar (OxV Official Remix)

Jidenna – Classic Man ft. Kendrick Lamar (OxV Official Remix) Scene newcomer OxV has put his personal spin on one of the biggest songs of the year – Jidenna’s and Kendrick’s ‘Classic Man’. Enshrouding the vocal line with a collection of bells and claps, the remix is an ode to the new wave of staccato-heavy, …. Read More : http://www.edmtunes.com/2015/08/jidenna-classic-man-ft-kendrick-lamar-oxv-official-remix/ .

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