Advertising on musicacloud.com

With about 100,000 visitors and hundreds of thousands of pageviews per month our online community is the fastest growing, busiest, and most diverse web site dedicated to the music/artist news on the internet today.
Your business can greatly benefit from an advertisement in our community.

How does advertising with you help me get business?

Banner/logo link advertising increases your exposure on the internet and makes customers more aware of your site. But more importantly, since high standards of knowledge and integrity are prerequisites for being accepted as an advertiser, our members know that if they see your banner, you can be trusted. It's like a stamp of approval. A banner ad with a link to your website on our website will also highly improve your search engines position.

Who can advertise?

Not every potential advertiser is accepted into our advertising program. This is because we screen our advertisers to make sure that our affiliation with them is good for our community. Your website MUST be internet/webmaster/etc related.

What format does my banner/logo have to be in?

All banners/logos must be in either .png, .jpg, or .gif format. All banners should be sized at the pre-determined pixel dimensions and small in size to minimize download times.

Can I change my banner/logo?

You are allowed one free banner substitution per month, any additional banner substitutions will have a $25 service charge attached.

What ads would you not approve?

Your website has to be internet/webmaster related. We will not allow competitor bashing, nor will ads like "WE WILL BEAT ANY OTHER DEALER BY XX%" be allowed. This sort of behavior does not promote a healthy atmosphere. You can do this on your site but not ours. Ads like "Great Deals all the time" are OK.

How do I pay and what next?

We currently accept Paypal subscriptions only. After sending the payment please send to us your logo/link details. (use "contact us" form on the website)

For all your advertise on Musica Cloud, please contact us.